Who controls Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is, in essence, decentralized. This means that there is no central control body within the network. Bitcoin is therefore not controlled by any entity, person or group of people. It is controlled by all members of the network: users, minors, developers.

Bitcoin: a decentralized autonomous organization

The governance of Bitcoin is therefore headless. It is often referred to as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to describe it. Thus, each modification of the source code (defining the rules of the protocol) must be accepted and validated by all the actors of the network. Anyone can submit a source code improvement proposal – these are called Bitcoin Improvment Proposals or BIPs .

Modifying Bitcoin therefore requires a consensus between all the nodes of the network. If anyone can use Bitcoin and come up with improvements, their proposal will be closely studied by all of their peers. This makes the decision-making process quite slow , but this type of governance brings great security to the system.

So, is it true to say that no one controls Bitcoin ? That no one can influence the decisions made for the development of the protocol? Obviously, this is an ideal.

Who changes the protocol?

Some voices carry more weight than others. For example, reputable cryptographers are given more consideration than a simple amateur coder . The team of developers involved in keeping the Bitcoin Core client software up to date, of course, has influence. Large miners also have very important voting power.

If an actor with much of the hashing power of the network objects to an update, they can easily block the decision making. This was the case during the implementation of Segwit in 2017. The disagreement over this modification resulted in the split of the blockchain, and the birth of Bitcoin Cash.

But, to conclude, the ultimate decision-making power rests with the users owning a complete node , that is to say a copy of the blockchain. These are the ones who disseminate and validate the transactions. Thus, they are free to install the version they want of the Bitcoin protocol, via their client software. They can thus accept or reject the modifications made to the protocol.

That is why the Bitcoin exchange rate rose to 19,000 US dollars

That is why the Bitcoin exchange rate rose to 19,000 US dollars for the first time in three years

For the first time since 2017, the Bitcoin exchange rate has risen to over 19,000 US dollars. Many indicators suggest that the rally will continue.

On November 24, the Bitcoin (BTC) price reached the $19,000 mark for the first time since the historic rally in December 2017. There are three main reasons by Bitcoin Loophole for this strong momentum in the largest crypto currency.

The main factors driving this current rally are whale accumulation, declining stock supply and explosive volume growth.

Whales still accumulate Bitcoin

Throughout November, Cointelegraph reported that whale clusters were forming steadily as the Bitcoin price rose.

These clusters form when Bitcoin whales buy BTCs at a certain price and do not move them. Analysts have interpreted this as a signal that the whales are accumulating and do not want to sell in the near future.

The difference between the current Bitcoin rally and previous price cycles is that the recent uptrend has proven to be more sustainable. In fact, each whale cluster shows that every major support BTC has been able to secure has been accompanied by whale accumulation.

On November 18, when Bitcoin fell to $17,200, analysts at Whalemap said the new whale support was $16,411. They said:

„Bubbles indicate the prices at which the whales have bought BTCs that they currently hold. Bubbles also visualize the support levels. Last time there was a rebound from $15,762 to $15,762 and a price increase of 15 percent. Will the new bubble hold at $16,411 again this time?“

Since then, Bitcoin has seen several declines below $18,000, but has since recovered to over $18,800 and maintained its strong momentum.

In addition, data from Santiment, an on-chain market analysis platform, shows a similar trend. Mood researchers have noted that the number of BTC whales has increased significantly in recent months. They explained:

„The number of #Bitcoin whales with at least 10,000 coins (currently $185 million or more) has increased to 114 in the last few days. The courses have risen thereby to over 18,000 US Dollar. In addition, the number of owners with at least 1,000 $BTC (18.5 million US dollars) has also reached an all-time high of 2,449!“.

One trend that will continue in this 2020 bull cycle is the steady decline in Bitcoin exchange reserves.

Investors and whales deposit BTC on exchanges when they want to sell BTC. Therefore, the recent decline in exchange reserves means that there are fewer sellers in the market.

The trader „Byzantine General“ said that every time the spot exchanges increase their BTC reserves, they accumulate them. He said to this:

„Every time the spot exchanges increase their $BTC reserves, they are bought up almost immediately. Don’t you understand that? There is literally not enough supply.

Volume is rising sharply

The volume on institutional and spot exchanges has increased rapidly since September. Open interest in Bitcoin futures and options on the CME exceeded $1 billion in November. The BTC/USDT pair on Binance has a daily volume of over USD 1.5 billion across the board.

Bitcoin one step away from the historical maximum, is a correction coming?

Today, the market-leading crypto, Bitcoin, once again stunned investors after hitting over $19,000 for the first time since 2017.

Will it break its historical high? Or is a correction in store for you?
Bitcoin scales the skyscraper

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin remains above USD 19,000, achieving a cumulative increase over the last three months of 66%. However, it seems to be showing signs of recession.

We’d all like to know exactly what Bitcoin’s next move will be. Is it time to invest?

It seems that everything has been happening very fast, however, Bitcoin has been climbing the skyscraper little by little since Black Thursday in March. Obviously, many crypto-investors are afraid that the history of 2017 will repeat itself, but the set of circumstances that drive it are completely different.

Meanwhile, gold has been running down since August and seems to be moving towards a balanced relationship between buyers and sellers.

However, according to CoinTelegraph’s Joseph Young, based on several data points in the chain, there is quite likely to be a reversal in the price of the leading crypt.

Young evaluated the Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR) indicator, stablecoins entries, stacked sales orders at USD 19.00 and the Crypto and Fear Index.

So, although Bitcoin could soon break its historical high, we could see a price decline. Watch out!

Bitcoin Continues Upward Trend Above 18K

Together with Bitcoin, Stellar crypto and XRP are added to the bullfight

Stellar (XLM) has increased by 58% and Ripple (XRP) has experienced a 33.39% increase over the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

And, it’s not just these, other altcoins have been experiencing an interesting upturn from the Bitcoin bull run.

In fact, according to TradingView, the price of XRP reached USD 0.92 for less than a minute earlier today.

Stellar’s Rise Makes it Gain Over 50% in Last 24 Hours

Bitcoin Trade at Binance Reaches a High

Bitcoin’s bullish run has led the entire crypto community to live in the moment. Thus, both the total trading volumes and the open interest in Bitcoin futures at Binance have reached historical highs.

According to The Block, the daily volume of Bitcoin at Binance has reached an all-time high, surpassing the previous high set between late 2017 and early 2018.

Coinbase also experienced a significant boom, however, it has not yet managed to surpass its historical maximum crypto.

Here’s why Dan Schulman, PayPal’s CEO, believes in Bitcoin and crypto

Turning Point in Bitcoin Crypt History

Christine Sandler, head of sales and marketing at Fidelity Digital Assets, explained during the Unchained podcast that factors such as the pandemic and productive regulation have helped the leading crypto this year.

Therefore, Sandler considers that 2020 has been a key year for Bitcoin adoption. So much so that Fidelity is considering opening its services to retail investors at some point.

„What we did see in 2020 was a wider adoption of that digital gold narrative, it began to resonate with other institutional investor groups, namely hedge funds, ultra high net worth individuals and later family offices,“ said Sandler.

Tom Fitzpatrick: „Bitcoin will pass the $300,000 mark“

Crypto update ETH 2.0 confirmed

Since the launch of the ETH 2.0 deposit contract on November 4th, the developers have experienced hard moments of suspense. However, today, with 94% of the goal accomplished, the launch of the crypto update was confirmed on December 1st.

  • For some weeks, observing the low level of participation of the crypto community, many questioned the possible launch.
  • However, in an unexpected turn of events, more than 200,000 ETHs were sent in 14 hours.
  • The launch of Ethereum 2.0 was confirmed for December 1st, a few hours before the deadline
In a few lines…

PayPal plans to expand its crypto services in 2021.
Brett Tejpaul, Coinbase’s Head of Institutional Coverage, said institutional investors‘ interest in crypto has tripled.
SBI will borrow a minimum of 0.1 Bitcoin to a maximum of 5 Bitcoin at an annual interest rate of 1% starting today.
Crypto exchange Binance sent mail notifications to crypto users in the US informing that in 14 days their account will be suspended, according to Decrypt.

Binance gives US customers a 14-day ultimatum

The crypto exchange Binance is faced with the US regulators. US customers now need to act quickly and transfer their depot.

The crypto exchange Binance is tightening the thumbscrews among its US clientele

Previously, internet portals like The Block had already taken appropriate measuresreported. Using the IP address, Binance was able to locate customers from the USA. They initially received a message asking them to withdraw money from their depot within the next 90 days. With the latest request, Binance is now nailing it. It said the accounts would be deleted within the next 14 days. Anyone who does not tap the credit of their deposit beforehand, their deposits are gone.

The Block Crypto quotes the email to the U.S. clientele as follows:

Please note that according to our terms of use we are unable to serve US persons. Please register for an account with our partner, Binance US. You have 14 days to close your account and withdraw all your funds, otherwise your account will be blocked.

Will Coinbase Benefit From Binance Withdrawal?

However, this step is not entirely surprising. Binance had already announced last year that it would discontinue its service for customers from the USA in the course of the year. So far, however, the control mechanism has been kept very simple: When registering, you only had to click whether you were a US citizen or not. Are there any problems with the regulatory authorities behind this new deadline? A report had appeared in Forbes magazine accusing Binance of dubious maneuvers of deception. The crypto exchange vehemently denied the allegations and even announced legal action against Forbes .

Should Binance’s position on the US market weaken as a result, this would of course be grist to the mills of competitors such as Coinbase. But even there, not everything is going smoothly when it comes to regulation. In a blog post this weekCoinbase announced that it will be removing margin trading from its offering. Coinbase took it out already in 2017, but at the time because of a slide in the price of Rotharium (RTH). Now there could be “more” behind it, as the post from Coinbase suggests. Nevertheless, there is definitely the possibility of offering the service again. To do this, however, an agreement must first be reached with the authorities.

Bitcoin Unlimited Hosts Week-Long Hackathon to Bolster the Future of Finance

2 grudnia 2020 roku, organizacja i pełny węzeł projektu Bitcoin Bank Unlimited jest gospodarzem tygodniowego hackatonu, który ma na celu budowanie przyszłości finansów poprzez wykorzystanie zdecentralizowanej sieci kryptograficznej Bitcoin Cash. Wydarzenie nazwane „Coinparty 2020“ ma na celu uzyskanie najlepszych na świecie talentów kryptograficznych do konkurowania o nagrody pieniężne Bitcoin Cash o wartości 17 tys. dolarów.

Społeczność kryptofinansowa rozrosła się masowo w 2020 roku, a w tym roku pojawiło się wiele nowych i ekscytujących innowacji. Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) chce wnieść kilka użytecznych innowacji do sieci Bitcoin Cash (BCH) i organizacja organizuje hackaton, aby wzmocnić ten cel.

Impreza nosi nazwę „Coinparty 2020“ i jest wspierana nie tylko przez BU, ale także przez zespół równorzędnych zwolenników elektronicznej gotówki Satoshi’s Angels i firmowych protokołów ogólnych.

„Dołącz do naszego hackatonu, aby współpracować i rywalizować z najlepszymi talentami kryptograficznymi z całego świata“ – szczegóły na stronie internetowej wydarzenia. „Witamy utalentowanych ludzi z różnych środowisk, w tym: deweloperów, marketerów, projektantów i biznesmenów. CoinParty jest dla każdego, kto chce zbudować niesamowite narzędzia blockchain i produkty wykorzystujące kryptokurrency“, dodaje strona internetowa.

Bitcoin Unlimited Hosts Week-Long Hackathon to Bolster the Future of Finance.

Nagrody bitcoin cash (BCH) o wartości 17 tys. dolarów zostaną podzielone na różne grupy fokusowe, takie jak Coinparty all-stars, user focus i nagroda Nakamoto. Ogłoszono sześciu sędziów, w tym głównego programistę BU Andrew Stone’a, inżyniera BU Andrea Suisani, Josha Greena z Bitcoin Verde, inżyniera personelu Coinbase Josha Ellithorpe’a, programistę BCHN Calina Caliau i głównego programistę General Protocol Jonathana Silverblood.

Uczestnikom będą doradzać wykwalifikowani eksperci, tacy jak Eléonore Blanc, kierownik ds. marketingu Satoshi’s Angels, Fernando Pelliccioni, Dagur Valberg, James Cramer, dyrektor generalny Simpleledger.cash oraz Rosco Kalis, starszy programista General Protocol. Gospodarzami wydarzenia Coinparty 2020 będą również John Moriarty i Paul Wasensteiner. Coinparty rozpoczyna się 2 grudnia, wraz z założeniem zespołu, ideą i ceremonią otwarcia Coinparty.

Od 4 do 7 grudnia odbędą się wywiady na żywo z niektórymi drużynami, ponieważ widzowie będą otrzymywać na żywo informacje o postępach. Końcowe prezentacje na temat każdego z projektów odbędą się 8 grudnia, po czym sędziowie Coinparty przeprowadzą obrady i 9 grudnia odbędzie się oficjalna ceremonia wręczenia nagród.

Osoby zainteresowane uczestnictwem w tegorocznym spotkaniu Coinparty 2020 mogą zarejestrować się za pomocą tego dokumentu internetowego. Osoby te mogą również zostawić swój adres e-mail w celu uzyskania aktualnych informacji na temat zbliżającego się hackatonu Coinparty.

Game of Thrones ‚Maisie Williams spørger Twitter om Bitcoin

Vinteren kommer til Maisie Williams ‚omtale af Twitter.

Maisie Williams, bedst kendt for at spille Arya Stark i „Game of Thrones“, havde et simpelt spørgsmål til Twitter:

Og, dreng, leverer Crypto Twitter. Ikke tilfreds med, du ved, bare hold dig til et ja eller nej svar, de (dystre) ulve faldt ned på Williams og pebrede hende med en blanding af investeringsrådgivning og GoT-ordspil.

Spoiler-alarm: At gå længe på en investering betyder at købe den med forventning om, at den vil stige – som om John Snow kommer tilbage fra de døde.

At kortslutte en investering betyder at sælge med forventning om, at prisen vil falde – ligesom Tommen Baratheon fra tårnet – så du derefter kan købe dem til en lavere pris (se: John Snow kommer tilbage fra de døde).

Stakkels Maisie. Hvis hun kun havde lært af JK Rowlings beklagelige strejf i Bitcoin Trader Twitter. Rowling ønsker selvfølgelig, at hun aldrig havde tweetet om Bitcoin nu – ligesom vi alle ønsker, at vi havde sprunget over den sidste sæson af „Game of Thrones.“

Maisie Williams asks fans if she should buy Bitcoin (BTC)

English actress Maisie Williams, known for her role as Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones (GoT) series, has let it be known that she is considering becoming a Bitcoiner. A question relating to Bitcoin (BTC) asked on Twitter that will have ignited the entire crypto-sphere.

Maisie Williams, „HODL the Bitcoin“

Last night, Maisie Williams , the famous actress who played Arya Stark in Game of Thrones ignited „Crypto Twitter“. The actress asked her 2.7 million followers whether or not she should “ Long on Bitcoin ” understand betting on the rise of Bitcoin (BTC).

At the time of writing, no less than 815,000 people have responded to the survey. Although the majority of voters do not advise him to invest in Bitcoin, the gap remains quite small: 45% for and 55% against.

According to many estimates , the fortune accumulated by Maisie Williams for her role of Arya Stark would amount to 6 million dollars , enough to acquire several dozen bitcoins.

Here’s the tweet in question that sparked all of Crypto Twitter’s buzz:

Bitcoiners in turmoil

As often when a public figure mentions Bitcoin on Twitter, the responses of seasoned Bitcoiners were not long in coming.

Most of the comments obviously refer to the universe of Game of Thrones or other series, here is an anthology of the best.

Twitter’s most popular response is from Tesla CEO Elon Musk , referring to The Witcher series:

„Throw a bitcoin at your witcher“

Barry Silbert , the founder and CEO of fund manager Grayscale , invites him to take a look at his company’s cryptocurrency investment services. Not without humor, Barry Silbert specifies that it is about Grayscale and not of its namesake “ Greyscale “ (Grisécaille), the latter being a disease of the universe of Game of Thrones:

„You should take a look at Grayscale (the other)“

Cryptocurrency exchanges did not say no to a highlight to Maisie Williams‘ followers, including Gemini:

“The crypto winter is not coming. Watch Gemini if ​​you want to „stark“ some sats! “

Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz , founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital , urges him to acquire Bitcoin:

“I bought more BTC last night at $ 15,800. It goes to 20,000 and then to $ 65,000. The network effect has taken over. I see tons of new buyers and there are very few offers. It’s an easier trade here than at $ 11,000. So YES, buy some. „

Met PayPal kunnen Amerikaanse klanten bitcoin kopen, verkopen en opslaan.

De gigantische online betalingsverwerker Paypal heeft gisteren aangekondigd dat alle „in aanmerking komende rekeninghouders in de VS nu rechtstreeks cryptocurrency kunnen kopen, vasthouden en verkopen met PayPal.“

De gigantische online betalingsverwerker Paypal kondigde dat allemaal aan

De gigantische online betalingsverwerker Paypal kondigde aan dat alle „in aanmerking komende accounthouders in de VS nu cryptocurrency kunnen kopen, vasthouden en verkopen“.

De online betalingsverwerkingsgigant kondigde gisteren aan dat alle „in aanmerking komende PayPal-rekeninghouders in de Verenigde Staten nu rechtstreeks cryptocurrency kunnen kopen, vasthouden en verkopen met Bitcoin Circuit.“ In de update van de originele verklaring staat dat gebruikers kunnen communiceren met digitale activa vanuit hun PayPal-applicatie of via hun desktopaccounts. De cryptogemeenschap blijft echter verdeeld in zijn mening – of dit op de lange termijn ook echt goed is voor Bitcoin.

Zou PayPal bitcoin helpen om reguliere acceptatie te bereiken?

Verschillende mensen geloven dat de stap van PayPal de manier is waarop Bitcoin uiteindelijk algemene erkenning zal krijgen. Talloze leden plaatsten screenshots van hun aankopen en zeiden dat PayPal een zeer gebruiksvriendelijke interface heeft gecreëerd. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao parafraseerde zelfs de onsterfelijke woorden van Neil Armstrong – „Een kleine stap voor PayPal, een grote sprong voor B …“ Aangezien Binance Coin nog steeds niet op PayPal staat, is het veilig om aan te nemen dat hij naar Bitcoin verwees. Sommigen beweerden echter dat dit eigenlijk bearish is voor BTC, aangezien PayPal geen opnames van het geld zal toestaan. Bovendien maken veel gebruikers zich ook zorgen over mogelijk hoge vergoedingen.

De prijs van Bitcoin blijft rond de $ 16.000 schommelen

De prijs van bitcoin bereikt deze week bijna een hoogste punt in drie jaar, toen het boven het niveau van $ 16.000 brak – het niveau dat sinds januari 2018 niet meer is gezien. Met PayPal, waardoor Amerikaanse consumenten bitcoin kunnen kopen, verkopen en opslaan, kan de prijs blijven stijgen. Het is echter vermeldenswaard dat, hoewel in aanmerking komende Amerikaanse klanten crypto-activa kunnen kopen of verkopen, dat de hele reikwijdte is van wat ze vanaf nu met de munten kunnen doen. Op de pagina met algemene voorwaarden van PayPal staat dat „u momenteel GEEN Crypto-activa naar familie of vrienden kunt verzenden, Crypto-activa kunt gebruiken om te betalen voor goederen of diensten, of Crypto-activa kunt opnemen van uw Cryptocurrencies Hub naar een externe cryptocurrency-portemonnee.“

Bitcoin-Bulle Mike Novogratz gewinnt 0,5 BTC-Wetten auf die Wahl

Anstatt seine Beute zu behalten, verschenkte Novogratz die Bitcoin in einer Lotterie auf Twitter.

In Kürze

  • Mike Novogratz gewann bei einer Wahlwette eine halbe Bitcoin.
  • Anstatt sein Geld zu behalten, verschenkte er es in einer Lotterie für angehende Bitcoin-Spieler.
  • Ein Twitter-Nutzer mit dem Namen Adelgary gewann die Lotterie und hält nun Bitcoin im Wert von etwa 7.700 Dollar.

Mike Novogratz, milliardenschwerer Investor und CEO von Galaxy Digital, gewann bei einer Wahlwette eine halbe Bitcoin. Nachdem er den Anruf richtig verstanden hatte, twitterte er dann, dass er diesen Gewinn in einer Lotterie verschenken würde.

Die Welt der Krypto-Währung war während einer langen und langwierigen Phase der Stimmenauszählung in den Vereinigten Staaten in der vergangenen Woche voll von Wahlwetten und Prognosen. Einige Krypto-Händler, die dachten, Trump würde wiedergewählt werden, verloren bis zu 11 Millionen Dollar, als der demokratische Kandidat Joe Biden die Trump-Ära beendete. Aber dank Novogratz hat eine Person Tausende von Dollar an der Wahl verdient.
Krypto-Märkte boomen, während die Unsicherheit der US-Wahlen schwindet

Der Wahlsieg Bidens in den USA hat die Krypto-Märkte am Wochenende in Aufregung versetzt.

„Ich habe eine Wahlwette mit StoneyBitson gewonnen. 1/2 BTC. Für diese Münze werde ich eine Lotterie für junge Bitcounter veranstalten. Niemand kann teilnehmen, der bereits eine Bitmünze besitzt“, sagte Novogratz in einem Tweet und fügte hinzu: „Ich denke an eine Zahl zwischen 1 und 1000. Wer zuerst rät, bekommt sie. Ich werde Stoney direkt schicken lassen. Einmal raten“.

Ein Twitter-Benutzer mit dem Namen Adelgary gewann die Wette. Der Benutzer hat die Zahl 826 richtig erraten. Er soll diese Zahl gewählt haben, weil er acht Jahre lang in China gelebt hat und weil die Zahl 26 sein Geburtsdatum darstellt.

  • BTC
  • +12.00% $15199.4
  • 24H7D1M1YMax
  • November 2Nov 3Nov 4Nov 5Nov 6Nov 7Nov 8Nov 9135001400014500150001550016000
  • BTC-Preis

Der positive Lauf von Bitcoin hat die Gewinne von Adelgary wertvoller gemacht. Während der Preis von Bitcoin am 1. Januar 2020 bei 7.208 $ lag, ist er seitdem auf 15.521 $ gestiegen. Das bedeutet, dass Adelgarys Bitcoin-Bestände 115% wertvoller sind, als sie es Anfang 2020 gewesen wären – was nicht heißen soll, was sie am Ende des Jahres wert sein könnten.

Hvordan Biden-administrasjonen kan påvirke Bitcoin-prisen i 2021, ifølge bransjeeksperter og investorer

Etter fire smertefullt lange dager med å telle stemmene ble Joe Biden endelig erklært den 46. presidenten i USA. Store nyhetsbyråer og Associated Press erklærte Biden og hans løpekamerat Kamala Harris som vinnere av 2020-løpet, selv om Donald Trump ennå ikke innrømmer valget.

Med valget nå skrevet i historiebøkene analyserer eksperter og investorer nøye hvordan et Biden-presidentskap kan påvirke bitcoin – med de fleste overveldende optimistiske om den nye administrasjonen.

Crypto Community-medlemmer er Pro-Biden

Tilbake i juni 2019 raslet Trump kryptosamfunnet etter at han kunngjorde på Twitter at han ikke er en fan av bitcoin og andre kryptovalutaer, og gjentar den samme gamle retorikken om at krypto hovedsakelig brukes til hvitvasking og finansiering av terrorisme. Det ble senere avslørt at Trump faktisk hadde forsøkt å snuse ut bitcoin i USA.

Joe Biden har derimot ikke sagt noe negativt om krypto så langt. Markedseksperter som Qiao Wang mener derfor et Biden-presidentskap er bedre enn Trump-administrasjonen.

I mellomtiden legger andre medlemmer av kryptosamfunnet vekt på Joe Biden. Eksempel på dette, donerte konsernsjefen for FTX-kryptobørs Sam Bankman-Fried hele 5,2 millioner dollar til Joes presidentkampanje.

Investorer som Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz tror videre at bitcoin vil blomstre under den nye presidentens administrasjon, med henvisning til de pågående handlingene til Fed som oversvømmer markedet med penger provosert av COVID-19. Den enestående pengetrykkingen øker utilsiktet bitcoin-saken som en sikring mot inflasjon og autoritet – som begge skaper den perfekte stormen for bitcoin.

“#Bitcoin er det dominerende kryptonettverket – utviklet for å være vert for den ideelle fristedressursen og bevare monetær energi over lange perioder uten strømtap. Det gjør #BTC til løsningen på enhver investors butikk med verdiproblemer. Få forstår dette, ”oppsummerte MicroStrategy-grunnlegger og administrerende direktør Michael Saylor om at bitcoin er den ultimate trygge havnen i et Twitter-innlegg mandag.

Hvem Biden nominerer til å lede viktige reguleringsbyråer, vil være avgjørende for Bitcoin

Siden Biden ikke har offentliggjort sitt syn på kryptovalutaer, vil hans viktigste innvirkning på aktivaklassen trolig komme fra hvem han utnevner til nøkkelposisjoner i Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) og Kontor for valutaovervåker (OCC).

Compounds generelle råd Jake Chervinsky uttalte:

“Den valgte presidenten Biden har ikke sagt noe offentlig om sine synspunkter på krypto. Foreløpig er det egentlig ikke et stort nok problem å berettige hans oppmerksomhet. De neste fire årene av amerikansk kryptopolitikk avhenger av hvem han utnevner til nøkkelposisjoner; vi vet mer når overgangen begynner. „

På det premisset skal Federal Reserve Board Guvernør Lael Brainard fylle rollen som den amerikanske statssekretæren under Biden-presidentskapet. Brainard er mest kjent for å ha tilsyn med Feds eksperimentering med en digital dollar.

I tillegg sier rapporter at Biden kan utnevne tidligere CFTC-styreleder Gary Gensler til å jobbe med en plan for Wall Street-tilsyn. Gensler har tidligere snakket høyt om krypto, og han forventer å se det „et sted i det finansielle systemet på en meningsfull måte“ i fremtiden.