BITNILE.COM Launches NILE Coin for In-World Use – Experience the Metaverse!

• Ault Alliance, Inc. (formerly BitNile Holdings, Inc.) and, Inc. announced the creation of the exclusive „NILE“ coin for in-world purchases on BITNILE.COM.
• The metaverse platform allows users to access it via web browser and incentivizes users through a tiered rewards system.
• NILE coins can be used to play 3D immersive games, purchase digital products related to gameplay, experience various forms of entertainment, and engage with a new social networking community across any device.

Ault Alliance Announces Creation of In-World Coin

Ault Alliance, Inc., a diversified holding company formerly known as BitNile Holdings, Inc., and, Inc. have jointly announced the creation of an exclusive in-world coin called “NILE” that will be used solely for in-world purchases on the BITNILE.COM platform.

Accessible Metaverse Platform

The metaverse platform is accessible via web browser and is device agnostic; meaning it can be experienced on any device such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs or virtual reality headsets without needing specialized hardware or software. It is designed to provide users with a tiered rewards system where they can earn incentives for their activity within the platform world and use their NILE coins to purchase digital products related to gaming experiences or entertainment offerings within the Networking Community available on any internet connected device.

Incentivizing Users Through Rewards System

By using their NILE coins, users will be able to participate in 3D immersive games as well as purchase digital products from within the Platform associated with gameplay such as unique avatars, customized skins and other accessories not available outside of this world. Additionally they will have access to various forms of entertainment based upon their activity within the Social Networking Community which also uses only NILE coins as its currency exchange medium between participating users inside this walled garden environment created by Ault Alliance and BITNILE together specifically for this purpose alone..

Executive Chairman Comments On Progress Of Platform

Milton “Todd” Ault III commented on his view of progress being made throughout development thus far stating that he believes this project has tremendous potential going forward due to its scalability allowing increased features functionality over time; making it one of AULT Alliances most profitable assets likely once fully mature in his opinion at least..

Recommendation For Investors Interested In Company Progress

For those interested in monitoring closely how this endeavor progresses along; AULT Alliance recommends stockholders investors review their publicly released filings & press releases regularly found under Investor Relations section at https://www