Illegal Crypt Coin Miner Caught in Russia

A citizen of the federal republic of Dagestan, Russia, was captured for allegedly causing damage to the electrical system. He is an illegal crypto coin miner who allegedly caused nearly $500,000 in damage to the state grid.

The police proceeded to arrest the 30-year-old on Tuesday. According to the report, the event took place in the Makhachkala region. There, the citizen built a structure of more than 500 platforms, which were connected to the network.

The person, once installed on the site, proceeded to make the connections to the equipment. These were attached directly to the high voltage lines that pass near the site where he established his infrastructure.

The illegal crypto coin miner barely enjoyed his business

It is important to note that the authorities detected the illegal operator in a very short time. Since May, the subject established his center on the third floor of a non-residential building in the area.

At the site, the illegal miner began to generate crypto-currencies of various denominations. The digital assets mined at the site include Bitcoin and other altcoins.

The entire complex of connections established by this illegal crypto coin miner, according to authorities, would have cost the state about 34 million rubles, equivalent to $494,000.

Data of 129 million people in Russia are sold by Bitcoin

Equipment seized in the operation
During the operation, carried out by the police services, numerous pieces of equipment were seized. The report speaks of some 518 ASIC mining companies of unspecified model. According to the images, it would be S9.

In addition to the mining machines, dozens of other equipment and materials were seized. Among these, computers, cabling, spare parts and various types of tools dedicated to the maintenance and installation of these cryptomoney dispensing devices stand out.

The illegal crypto coin miner will be charged with „causing property damage by fraud“ and „breach of trust“.